Southern Ranges Environment Alliance (SREA)

The Southern Ranges Environment Alliance (SREA) is an umbrella group that works to liaise between the many volunteers, community groups, landholders and agencies that have given high priority to protecting environmental assets along the Puffing Billy corridor and adjacent areas of the Yarra Ranges and Cardinia.

Our Vision: To protect and enhance the biodiversity of the Puffing Billy Railway Corridor & Surrounds

Our Mission: To actively support member groups in achieving their environmental objectives by providing assistance through a range of communication, educational and regional planning services.

Our community groups are very active in Natural Resource Management in our region The benefit of working with these local groups is the invaluable local knowledge that comes with years of seeing the changes in the landscape.

Amongst the members of SREA there are years of on-ground experience in sustainable land management, strong scientific and ecological knowledge and administration experience. We are also experiencing an increased level of cooperation between ENGOs (Environmental Non Government Organisations), agencies and other partners such as Puffing Billy, schools, Melbourne Water and corporate volunteers all of which bring diverse viewpoints and levels of expertise.

Southern Ranges Environment Alliance has a DSE funded Facilitator who works with all the various stakeholders along the Puffing Billy rail line.